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The Region of Waterloo, which until 1973 was known as Waterloo County, includes three areas: 

    1. The southern and river lands of North Dumfries Township and Cambridge

    2. The western lands centered on the town of New Hamburg

    3. The Mennonite farm lands of Wellesley and Woolwich 

Each region reflects the traditions of its early settlers. The west area and the Mennonite lands were settled by people of Pennsylvania German background. The southern and river-based areas still reflect the Scottish Celtic traditions of their settlers. The mapping and sale of lands in this area  in the late 1700s, shortly after the American War of Independence. Joseph Brant, a key Aboriginal leader in the war, aided the British and unified the Iroquois alliance against the Americans. Iroquois from Six Nations fought alongside the Canadians and the fear they instilled in the Americans was a key factor in preserving Canada from the conflict. In 1784, in recognition of their war efforts, the Six Nations were granted a large tract of land. It ran the full length of the Grand River and extended for six miles on each side. By 1798, three blocks had been sold, and in 1816 they became Waterloo, Woolwich and Dumfries Townships. 

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