The Nest

Back-to-Back Townhomes | 2 bed 1.5 bath ~1400 sqft

Modern and class elements define this timeless collection of Back-to-Back Townhomes. elegant architectural details include expansive windows, covered porches, spacious balconies, and fine accents, all enhanced with Reid's Heritage Homes' signature quality and attention to detail.

The Haven

Rear Garage Townhomes | 3 bed 2.5 bath ~1550 sqft

The 3-storey Rear Garage Towns look impressive with a clean facade defined by quality durable materials and architecturally controlled colours and designs. Experience a warm welcome every time you come home to covered porches with spacious entryways.

The Abode

Bungalow Townhomes | 2 bed 2 bath ~1000 sqft

The Abode Bungalow Towns are designed to be nestled within the surrounding landscape while offering a spacious and luxurious interior layout for comfortable family living. Classic modern exteriors, with clean lines, neatly kept lawns and wide windows provide a refreshing take on contemporary design.

The Retreat

Bungalow Townhomes | 2 bed 2 bath ~1200 sqft

The Retreat Bungalow Towns offer all the comfort and luxury your family deserves its quality that stands the test of time. Innovative exterior features include interesting roof treatments , expansive windows, covered porches, and pillared doorways that warmly welcome you home.