3 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo, Ontario

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Timeless Design.

Known as the Seagram Lofts, these former warehouses once housed thousands of whisky barrels on wooden racks for the Seagram Distillery. Barrel rack warehouses of this scale represent a unique form of early industrial architecture that were typically constructed to support large distilling companies such as the Seagram Distillery in Waterloo.

Local History.

Few would argue that the most recognizable feature of the Seagram Lofts is their rows of small shuttered windows. Once used to ventilate vapours created by ageing spirits, the pint-sized windows help to break up the otherwise large and imposing Caroline Street South facades and give them a pleasing, orderly appearance.

A Waterloo Classic.

Views and vistas are important features of cities.  The view of an iconic building or structure positioned at the end of a street can hold a special meaning for local residents and visitors, and creates a distinct and appealing scene that makes a place more interesting. Some of the most recognizable and celebrated city scenes

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