Dominik Wiwatowski

Dominik is a passionate real estate agent, who was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Laurier University, which equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of modern-day sales, marketing, accounting, and all facets of running a successful business. This knowledge has now found its perfect application in the field of real estate.

Having witnessed the life-changing wealth effects of real estate ownership, Dominik made it his personal mission to acquire a home at the earliest opportunity. Over the past three years, he dedicated himself to the acquisition, renovation, and resale of properties, honing his expertise in the process. As his reputation grew, people began seeking his assistance with their own home purchases and seeking advice on maximizing the resale value of their properties. Recognizing the opportunity to provide professional help to those around him, Dominik has since gained his real estate license—a progression that has allowed him to share his extensive knowledge and experiences.

Dominik's true passion lies in empowering individuals to build wealth through the transformative power of real estate. He welcomes fellow investors, eager to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences for their benefit.

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